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Press Release: Dan Sullivan Took $35,000 More In Campaign Donations From Pebble Mine Connected Donors Than Previously Known According to Report

ANCHORAGE, AK—In reaction to the news today that Dan Sullivan took in $35,000 in previously unreported campaign donations from Pebble Mine connected companies and people, Independent U.S. Senate candidate Al Gross’s Communications Director Julia Savel released the following statement: “It’s time for Dan Sullivan to stop hiding, return the money, and come clean to Alaskans. This is […]

Press Release: Dan Sullivan Refuses To Condemn Trump on His Failure to Denounce White Supremacy

ANCHORAGE, AK — Hiding Dan Sullivan emerged today, and instead of standing up to white supremacy and basic human decency, he refused to comment when asked about President Trump’s comments. In Washington, Sullivan said “I’m not commenting. I didn’t see the debate.” Another report from CNN’s Ted Barrett claims that when asked about Trump’s failure to condemn white supremacy, […]

Press Release: IAM Local 601 Unanimously Endorses Dr. Al Gross for U.S. Senate

ANCHORAGE, AK—Today, the IAM Local 601 union endorsed Independent Dr. Al Gross for US Senate. Since announcing his candidacy for U.S. Senate in 2019, Dr. Al Gross has affirmed his commitment to being a fierce advocate for organized labor and working families in Alaska. Today, IAM Local 601, which represents over 600 Alaska Airlines employees, has unanimously […]

Newsweek: Republicans Really Want to Know if This Senate Candidate Actually Killed A Grizzly Bear

Did the Independent doctor and commercial fisherman who is running to oust GOP Senator Dan Sullivan of Alaska—and potentially help Democrats retake the Senate—once kill a grizzly bear in self-defense? Republicans 4,200 miles away in Washington, D.C., really want to know the answer. So badly, in fact, that the GOP opposition research and communications firm […]

Press Release: Al Gross to Dan Sullivan: ‘Defend Alaska Elections’ and Rep. Lance Pruitt Have Returned Pebble Mine Donations, Why Haven’t You?

“Alaskans are sick and tired of politicians who do one thing in public and say another in private.” ANCHORAGE, AK—With the news that Defends Alaska Elections and Rep. Lance Pruitt have returned donations made by former Pebble CEO Tom Collier, U.S. Senate Candidate Dr. Al Gross reiterated his call for Dan Sullivan to return the […]

Press Release: “Amy Coney Barrett Will Vote To End The Affordable Care Act And Prevent A Woman’s Right To Choose—And Dan Sullivan Will Go Right Along With It”

Almost 70,000 Alaskan Stand To Lose Healthcare If The Affordable Care Act Is Ended.   ANCHORAGE, AK — U.S. Senate Candidate Dr. Al Gross releases the following statement following the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court: “Amy Coney Barrett will vote to end the Affordable Care Act and prevent a woman’s right to […]

Alaska Public Media: Al Gross is running for office for the first time. Here’s why he thinks he belongs in the U.S. Senate

Continuing our coverage of congressional races, we turn to the U.S. Senate candidates beginning with Independent candidate Al Gross. Gross is running for office for the first time and has some ideas about how to shake up Washington. What does he think he can bring to the table? Lori Townsend speaks with Al Gross about […]