A Prescription for Change

We can change Washington, and it starts by changing the people we send there. I’m not a politician. I’m a doctor, a commercial fisherman, a father of four, and a lifelong Alaskan. I don’t owe the outside special interests anything. For me, it’s always about Alaska and doing what’s right for working families.

This November we can send a bold message to Washington:
it’s our turn, for a change.

Dr. Al’s Story

Born and raised in Southeast Alaska, Dr. Al Gross is 100% Alaskan. His mother, Shari, was the first Executive Director of the United Fishermen of Alaska and founded the Alaska League of Women Voters. His father, Avrum, was the Attorney General of Alaska and worked alongside Governor Jay Hammond to create Alaska’s Permanent Fund and the Dividend. Dr. Al witnessed firsthand what makes Alaska special: our people and our land.

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End the failed status quo

The special interests are running the show these days, and that’s just wrong. To fix this, we need to be represented by someone who knows our state, our people, and what makes us special. As a doctor, I’ve taken an oath to serve my patients. As a commercial fisherman, I know how important it is to listen to the people I work with and give them my respect, and put my faith in them. I know how to work together with folks to fix problems and make people’s lives better. Together, that’s what we’ll do.

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Get on board with Dr. Al Gross

A prescription
for change

Alaskans are being left behind by politicians who are focused on serving the outside special interests, instead of us. It’s time for us to be represented by someone who knows our state, is from our state, and puts Alaska first. That’s my pledge to you. As your United States Senator I will always be about Alaska. I will deliver on healthcare and make it affordable for all Alaskans so that we can diversify our economy. I will fight tirelessly to lead our state’s economy into an era of robust growth so our families can stay here and succeed here. I will fiercely defend our land from the dangers of climate change and will always be a strong voice for our subsistence culture and way of life. I will work to end money’s influence on our politics and will always put your voices ahead of those of the wealthy campaign contributors. It’s time for change. It’s time to deliver for Alaska.

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Dr. Al Gross

Important Information for Alaska Voters

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