Notes from the Campaign Trail: May 27

Dear Alaskans —

I wanted to send a quick email before the Memorial Day weekend.

Memorial Day is the day of national remembrance dedicated to all those who died serving the United States of America. I thank and honor all those who have sacrificed their lives to give us freedom.

This Memorial Day weekend, our hearts are also heavy with the news from Texas. Guns in Alaska is a complicated issue because many Alaskans, including myself, use guns for their subsistence lifestyle. However, we can all agree that senseless gun violence is horrific. As we honor those who served this weekend, I will also be thinking of the families of the children and teachers who were wounded and killed in Uvalde.

This last week I traveled to Ketchikan, Sitka, and then back to Anchorage.

I head to Kodiak later today. You can follow my travels on Facebook:

As always, I look forward to talking with Alaskans and hearing your questions and concerns.

Voting opens today in many absentee locations. Please check out the Division of Elections website if you would rather vote in person than with your mail-in ballot:

  • If you have specific questions or concerns, please email me at
  • If you have a place for a high visibility large sign or want a yard sign, please click here:
  • Tell three friends about my campaign and encourage them to go to my website to learn more about me.
  • Please help our campaign by sending a short video saying, “I support Al!” to We will be sharing these videos on our social media. Please film the videos vertically on your cell phones.

And most important of all VOTE!

Thank you,
Al Gross