Nonpartisan candidate Dr. Al Gross will finish in the top four of Alaska’s Special Primary Election and advance to the state’s Special General Election in August to succeed Rep. Don Young in Congress. While votes are still being tallied and ballots will continue to arrive, Gross has opened a clear advantage over most of the field and he has been projected by several independent news outlets and election forecasters as a top four finisher. 

“Alaskans are sick and tired of the dysfunction in Congress and they know that we can’t change Washington by sending more extreme partisan politicians there, so I’m incredibly excited to see the groundswell of support behind our campaign to bring independent leadership to our state,” said Gross. “I’m ready to move to the next stage in this historic election, where we will be able to make a clear contrast between my vision for making Washington deliver more for Alaska, and my opponents who are controlled by partisan interests.”

Gross thanked his supporters in the primary and all Alaskan voters who participated in this unprecedented contest, as well as the other candidates who entered the race. He also expressed his gratitude to his family, friends and campaign team who all worked hard to help him reach this moment.