Our Military

Military defense is vital to U.S. national security and to Alaska’s economy. Alaska’s strategic location and the security implications of the geostrategic changes occurring in the artic mean that the U.S. homeland is no longer a sanctuary.  Alaska is the next frontier for America’s military preparedness as Russia and China rush to militarize the Arctic. 

The economic implications are also more direct:  In addition to defending our state and nation, the military is also closing in on being a $5 billion industry in Alaska, making it the third-largest in the state.

We can build on and diversify the economic impact of the military presence in our state by not just expanding this presence through additional federal investment – which is a necessary job requirement for our Senators, but not sufficient – but also looking for ways to spin off industries and private-sector jobs from these activities.

That’s why it’s shocking that Dan Sullivan did nothing as the administration redirected military funds to build a border wall, taking away money from Alaska and important national security interests:  Alaska has four projects worth $102 million that would be delayed in favor of the wall.

As your Senator, I won’t be voting with Donald Trump 97% of the time like Dan Sullivan did– I’ll be working for Alaska.  That starts with protecting America’s security and building Alaska’s economic future.