Personal Freedoms

Government must stay out of our personal lives. This applies to our personal health care decisions, including the right to terminate a pregnancy, our sexuality, our use of cannabis, the right to bear arms, and any other choices we make that have to do with the choices we make about our bodies and our lives. I believe in the equality of all people and unequivocally support protections for the LGBTQ community and condemn any laws that criminalize their identities and that create barriers to their health and safety.

We must keep the government out of our health care decisions, whether it be at the beginning or at the end of our life. This is one of our basic freedoms. As a doctor, I know how personal and complicated these health care decisions can be. The federal government has no role in telling people what to do with their bodies. These are highly complex decisions that are for patients to decide in consultation with their health care provider. People’s choices and their health care decisions must be respected, safeguarded, and protected. It is past time to pass legislation enshrining women’s reproductive rights into federal law, and to recognize that affordable family planning services and comprehensive age-appropriate sex education helps to reduce unintended pregnancies. I will also fight for better pre- and post-natal health care, expanded adoption, and support for parenting programs, so that women who want to carry forward their pregnancy will have the freedom – and the ability – to do so. Every child born must have a fair chance.