Oil production comprises one-third of our state’s economy but has been suffering from declining production to less than a quarter of what it once used to be over the past ten years. I grew up in Juneau back when oil was discovered and developed here and have been friends with and physician to many of the leaders of the state ever since. Jay Hammond taught me about responsible resource development to make sure that the people of Alaska got their share of the wealth. I support and strongly advocate for responsible development of oil and gas resources in Alaska’s federal areas. There is no question – oil has been great for this state. It has been and will continue to be important both in creating jobs in Alaska, but also in helping to supply our nation with oil and gas so that we are not dependent on other countries for supply. This is especially important given the current events in Ukraine and the war’s effect on oil and gas world markets. We shouldn’t be importing Russian oil. We should be producing our own.

And all the while we need to diversify our approach towards energy. We must start modernizing our energy system, maximizing our production and use of renewable energy and providing reliable and affordable energy for every Alaskan and American. As Alaska’s congressman I will work hard to provide affordable energy options for Alaskans, will push for tax credits, promote funding, and increase federal investment for clean energy sources and sustainable energy infrastructure, energy efficiency and conservation, and will promote export of Alaska’s expertise in technologies like microgrids. But, so long as our country needs oil and Alaska has the supply, I will firmly support continued responsible development of this precious Alaskan resource.

I support an all-of-the-above energy strategy – one that utilizes responsible development of oil and gas resources in Alaska’s federal areas while at the same time promoting increasing use of clean renewable energy. Alaska and our nation’s economy cannot currently exist without fossil fuels.   Alaska needs a plan for an economy that isn’t as dependent on the fossil fuel industry, but our nation needs to rapidly increase domestic oil and gas production now in response to the current world supply crisis. I will work hard to make sure Alaskan oil and gas will be included in the necessary increase in our national production.