Health Care

Our healthcare system is broken. As a doctor, I’ve seen firsthand the struggles Alaskans and small businesses face with the prohibitively high costs of healthcare. In Alaska, we pay more for healthcare than in any other state in the country.

In Washington I will work with anyone to make healthcare more affordable and that patients are protected. This means ensuring that insurance companies can never again deny coverage because of a pre-existing condition or COVID diagnosis. As your Senator, I will work to provide Alaskans with an affordable healthcare plan by offering Medicare as a public option so that individuals and small businesses can buy it through the healthcare exchange. This will help grow the Alaskan economy, provide economic relief to Alaskans, and will invite new business opportunities into our state by lowering the barriers of entry.

The drug companies have a stranglehold on Washington, preventing any action to make prescription drugs more affordable. As your Senator I’ll take on the big drug companies, starting by changing the law so that Medicare can negotiate for better prices. I’ll fight to make sure Americans don’t pay the highest drug prices in the Western world and to end our reliance on drugs made in China. When the next pandemic hits, we can’t rely on the goodwill of China to make sure we have the medication we need.

I will also work to:

  • Strengthen primary and preventative care; 
  • Increase federal payments for rural health providers;
  • Simplify and improve medical record keeping;
  • Support telemedicine; and
  • Increase healthcare access and oppose any Supreme Court decision that weakens or threatens the Affordable Care Act.