Letter From Gov. Tony Knowles

To My Fellow Alaskans,

I am reaching out to you to let you know why I am supporting Al Gross to be Alaska’s representative in Congress.

Our one voice in the House must champion the needs facing all Alaskan families while reflecting the values we find most important. There is no place or time for the partisan bickering and power politics that have so often dominated our national agenda.

Al is a lifelong Alaskan. As an Alaskan dad, commercial fisherman, and doctor, Al shares our values – decent jobs for Alaskans, affordable healthcare for all, individual freedoms, protecting a woman’s right to choose, a sustainable economy, early childhood through university education, protecting our environment and natural resources, managing our oceans and its fisheries sustainably, and addressing climate change and its impacts.

Both Al and his wife, Monica, are doctors. They fully and profoundly understand the need for universal affordable healthcare and reducing the unreasonable high price of life saving pharmaceutical drugs. As a commercial fisherman, Al personally knows the importance of sustainable management. He has seen the impact of wasteful salmon by-catch on Alaska’s vital subsistence, sport, small commercial, and personal fisheries. Al understands the need to address the threat of the changing climate and pollution of our oceans to this incredibly valuable life giving resource to Alaska.

Al Gross is running for us. He is not beholden to a Washington DC political party and is not interested in divisive name-calling and showboating.

This is why I believe strongly that Al Gross represents the new kind of leader we need, one who is committed to going to Washington to put Alaska first and get things done.

I’ve known Al and his wife Monica for years. I know Al will work with Alaskans to figure out solutions to difficult problems and work hard to get the job done. He would rather hear what you have to say than give a speech. Importantly, I also know he shares our values. I am convinced he will go to Washington and always put Alaskan interests first.

That is why I proudly lend my name to his race for Congress and urge you to support him.

Tony Knowles