Notes from the Campaign Trail: April 24

Dear Fellow Alaskans —

We are now three weeks into this race and have been getting tremendous support from all across the state. Thank you to all of you who have already donated to my campaign! And many thanks for all of your well wishes and for your suggestions. Our belief has been echoed by many of you: that people are tired of divisive party politics and want a congressman with a strong voice who knows Alaska and who will fight for and will work hard for Alaskans.

This last week Monica and I thawed out the camper, hooked up to our truck, and traveled to Girdwood, Seward, Kenai, Soldotna, Nikiski and Homer. We head back up to Anchorage tomorrow. I am listening to your concerns about jobs, our national security, education, housing, climate change, healthcare access and affordability. It reminds us daily of why we are working so hard to win this race.

My stance on issues is laid out clearly on my website If you have specific questions about how I stand on an issue, please email me at

Special Primary ballots will be mailed out to all Alaskan voters this week! That is earlier than when we had initially thought. And ballots must be postmarked by June 11 to be counted. So, please fill out your ballot, get a witness signature, and put it in the mail. It is so important that everyone votes. There will be many candidates on this ballot, and you can only vote for one. I believe I am the best candidate to take Alaska into the future and I humbly ask for this opportunity to serve you. Please speak with your friends and family and encourage them to support our campaign too.

It is important to make sure that before you mail your ballot you get the signature of a witness on it and make sure the envelope is stamped. Ballots without a witness signature or stamp will be thrown away. A lot of ballots have been thrown away in previous Alaskan elections for this very reason and that is why we are emphasizing the importance of this.

The top four vote getters in the Special Primary go on to the Special General election on August 16, which is also the date of the Regular Primary election. I am running both in the Special election and in the Regular election. Electing a candidate who wins both elections is important because if the same person is elected in the Special election and the Regular election, they will already have seniority in the House when they start their second term in January 2023. Winning both elections is thus very important for Alaska.

Thank you again to everyone who has already donated to this campaign. Now we are asking that everyone vote in this first Special Primary election. Please return your ballot quickly, and correctly, including making sure it is witnessed and stamped.

  • And please go to my website to sign up to volunteer, get a yard sign or to donate to the campaign. There are going to be a lot of elections between now and Nov. 8, and we want to win them all so please help.
  • You can mail us checks or questions to PO Box 90938, Anchorage, AK 99509 (if mailing a check please include your occupation for FEC reporting requirements).
  • Or email us at

And most important of all VOTE!

  • Special Primary ballots must be postmarked by June 11.
  • The Special General election is on August 16.
  • The General Primary election is also on August 16.

Thank you all so much.


Al Gross