Notes from the Campaign Trail: April 3

Dear Alaskans —

With the passing of Don Young, Alaskans must choose a new representative to serve our state in the US Congress. I am asking you to elect me to this important office.

I am running for Congress as a non-partisan Independent. Our two-party system is broken. I will not be seeking the endorsement of either the Democratic or Republican Party. As a true Independent and an Alaskan, I will prioritize the needs of our state, not party politics, and work for an Alaska that is strong and vibrant. As your United States representative, I will always put Alaska first.

When elected I look forward to working with both Republicans and Democrats, always in the best interest of Alaska and our country. When people with differing opinions listen and work together, problems get solved. Congress is the house of the people, and I will go there representing all Alaskans. As a doctor, I am used to listening to and taking care of anyone in need. As Alaska’s lone congressman, I will do the same.

I will deliver on health care and pharmaceutical cost reform and make healthcare affordable and accessible. I will fight tirelessly to lead our state’s economy into an era of robust growth so our families can stay here and succeed. Resource extraction has been very good for Alaska and should continue, but we also need to diversify into a broader range of industries. I support a strong military. Alaska stands at the crossroads of the 21st Century. With Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, it is clearer than ever that the U.S. must be able and willing to stand up to Moscow, as well as other adversaries in the Pacific. For Alaska, this presents both risk and opportunity. Military defense is vital not just to American national security, but also to Alaska’s economy. I will strongly advocate to defend our land from the dangers of climate change, and I am a strong voice for our subsistence culture and way of life. I will protect a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions and to keep the government out of personal decisions that do not affect others, like the use of cannabis or gender identity or sexuality. I will work to end dark money’s influence on our politics. It’s time to deliver to, and for, Alaska and as your congressman, I will.

Things are going to move very quickly in the next few weeks, and I want to explain the process for electing the new Alaska U.S. Representative. There will be a special primary election on June 11. This will be a vote by mail, with ballots going out on May 20. The top four candidates will go to a special general election on August 16. August 16 is also the date of the regular primary. The regular election will be held November 8. I am running both in the special election and in the regular election.

You aren’t going to get a million calls from my campaign staff, and we won’t be playing the Bear song. My campaign is going to be issue focused. I believe I am the best candidate to take Alaska into the future and I ask for this opportunity to serve you.

I look forward to you joining my team.

  • Please go to my website to sign up to volunteer, get a yard sign or donate to the campaign.
  • You can mail us checks or questions to PO Box 90938, Anchorage, AK 99509.
  • Or email us at
  • And most important of all – vote in the special primary June 11 (ballots will be mailed to you May 20). This election is going to have many, many candidates and it is vital that I get your vote. Then also please vote in the special election August 16, which is also the regular primary, and the regular election November 8.


Dr. Al Gross