Working Families

I have started and owned multiple small businesses over the years, including owning fishing boats and medical practices. I understand the stresses on small business owners to be good employers while providing excellent customer service and to still maintain a profitable bottom line. My work and business experience will bring clear-headed decision making to Washington.

That’s why I will fight for working Alaskans and Alaskan small business owners. I know first-hand how hard most people labor to earn the money that puts food on their family’s table – I’ve worked as a commercial fisherman and know about hard work. Everyone deserves to be paid what their labor is worth.  We need to promote jobs with a livable wage, quality benefits, and safe working conditions. Labor unions facilitate all three of those goals. So when my staff approached me about unionizing my campaign, I encouraged them to do so. In fact, I am also a dues paying member of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, Local 1959 (classified as an “owner/operator”).

I will always be a fierce advocate for organized labor and working families. Dan Sullivan has repeatedly voted for appointees to the National Labor Relations Board that are either unqualified or outright hostile to worker protections. I will do exactly the opposite. I will also oppose any legislation that works to weaken unions and working families and will begin working immediately to shore up our struggling pension system and pass reforms to ensure that this situation never happens again.