The fishing industry isn’t just important to Alaska – it’s personally important to me. I started fishing these waters commercially at the age of 14, and my kids have all commercially fished to help pay for their education. My mother, Shari, was the founding Director of the United Fishermen of Alaska. I know how important fishing and protecting our oceans and waterways are for our economy, for our working people, and our way of life. That’s why you know you can count on me to fight for our seafood industry. As your Senator, I will work to protect local Alaska fisheries and help fishermen financially with loans, refinancing and eligibility for unemployment insurance and for federal fisheries disaster assistance. 

I also am calling for an “Oceans Initiative,” combining economic and national security components to include a wide range of needed activities. I’ll fight to keep Alaska’s waters clean, and productive. I will work for robust federal funding to conduct marine research on fish populations, overfishing, species preservation, climate change, fisheries, and ecosystem sustainability, and to advance scientific research on ocean issues.  I will oppose any cuts that threaten ocean science investment. 

Alaska faces a commercial threat from Russian attempts to expand their fishing zones in the Bering Sea. Russian over-crabbing is particularly egregious: Data suggest that illegal crabbing from Russian boats is greater than the entire legal trade in the United States. We need a Senator who will go to Washington to represent Alaska’s interests and push back on the twin challenges of Russian aggression and climate change – instead of caving to the interests of Vladimir Putin and denying scientific reality.