Important Information for Alaska Voters

Alaskans need to know that Dan Sullivan is hiding how he has repeatedly voted in the Senate to enrich himself and fatten the bottom line of his shady family business, no matter the consequences to the health of Americans or our environment. Sullivan “routinely voted for policies that benefitted [his] family’s chemical company.” The family business has “paid more than $2.2 million in fines” including for the “release of hazardous substances.” Sullivan owns up to five million dollars in stock. He’s voted against oversight of the family business while cashing in almost half a million dollars.  Dan Sullivan even voted against tougher asbestos regulation — after his family company paid out a $800 million cancer settlement. The more we learn about Dan Sullivan’s shady family business, the more it shows that he’s out for himself and not Alaska families. Alaskans just can’t trust Dan Sullivan.