Notes from the Campaign Trail: May 8

Dear My Fellow Alaskans —

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms!

There is a very sad political cartoon going around nationally right now that says, “For Mother’s Day, my mom would like the activism of her youth to not all have been for nothing.” This last week Monica and I have talked with both of our mothers and heard that same sentiment. Women my mother’s age fought hard to have their reproductive health care decisions respected, safeguarded, and protected. As I said in my last email, it is past time to pass legislation enshrining women’s reproductive rights into federal law. When I am elected to Congress, I will vote to codify Roe v. Wade into law.

I am here in Anchorage this week and attended the Blessing of the Bikes (motorcycles) event here on Saturday, which was great and celebrated our personal freedoms. I rode across the country on a Kawasaki 750cc bike when I was 20. I support bikers and their personal freedoms.

I look forward to the next candidate forum here on May 12 at Dena’ina Center hosted by the Petroleum Club. I haven’t seen Sarah Palin since she used to sit near us at basketball games in Juneau (three of our kids were varsity basketball players for the Crimson Bears in Juneau). I am looking forward to facing off with her. She quit on Alaska, and she is in this for herself, not for you or me. After that I will be back on the road, and you can follow my travels on Facebook.

By now every Alaskan voter should have received their ballot for the Special Primary. To vote:

  • Fill in the oval for one candidate using blue or black pen.
  • Remove ballot stub from the top of your ballot. Fold your ballot and place it inside the secrecy sleeve.
  • Place the secrecy sleeve with your ballot inside the return ballot envelope.
  • Sign the return envelope in front of a witness and provide one identifier (voter number, AK driver’s license number, date of birth or the last four of your SSN).
  • Have your signature witnessed by anyone 18 years of age or older. Make sure your witness dates their signature.
  • Fold over the flap of the return envelope.
  • Mail your ballot- your ballot does not need a stamp before mailing it. However, it is recommended that you have the post office hand cancel your return ballot.
  • Or you may drop off your ballot at any voting location in Alaska.

I am running for Congress as a non-partisan independent. Our two-party system is broken. I am not seeking the endorsement of either the Democratic or Republican Party. As a true Independent and an Alaskan, I will prioritize the needs of our state, not party politics, and work for an Alaska that is strong and vibrant. As your United States representative, I will always put Alaska first.

I have a team of Alaskans from all over our state, of all ages and backgrounds, to advise me as co-chairs. I am deeply honored and humbled by their support and wisdom. If you have specific questions or concerns, please email me at As I listen and speak to Alaskans, I hear the same issues expressed- jobs, inflation and the economy, healthcare and pharmaceutical costs and access, and climate change and women’s reproductive rights. I am ready to go to D.C. to work hard to help solve these and other issues.

  • Please go to my website to learn more about me.
  • If you have a place for a high visibility large sign or want a yard sign, please click here.
  • Tell three friends about my campaign and encourage them to go to my website.

And most important of all VOTE!

  • Special Primary ballots must be postmarked by June 11.
  • The Special election on August 16.
  • The General Primary election is also on August 16.

Thank you,

Al Gross