Press Release: New Pebble Tapes show execs wanted Alaskan taxpayers to pay $1.5 billion for their project, Dan Sullivan stays silent

ANCHORAGE, AK — Newly released footage of Pebble Mine executives shows they planned to stick Alaskan taxpayers with a $1.5 billion bill for their economically and environmentally ruinous project—and that Dan Sullivan would let them do it. The executive also said they expected to make off with hundreds of millions of dollars from Alaskan taxpayers in the event that their project was denied a permit.

Alaska’s growing budget deficit of $1.3 billion is already putting the state dire financial straits—forcing the state to consider budget cuts, tax hikes or even additional spending from the Permanent Fund. The added bill from the Pebble Mine would more than double the state’s current deficit. Meanwhile, Senator Dan Sullivan, whom Thiessen said would likely break his word on opposition to the project, is still hiding.

“Since Dan Sullivan has been in power in Juneau and Washington, things have gotten worse in Alaska. His support for Pebble would destroy commercial fishing in Bristol Bay. Worse, Pebble executives, who have donated $35,000 to Dan, plan to stick Alaskan taxpayers with the bill—a $1.5 billion bill—at the same time that the state has an estimated $1.3 billion deficit.” Dr. Al Gross said. “We cannot trust Dan Sullivan on this or any other issue. It’s clear Alaska needs a new senator.”

With just two days left until Election Day, the Alaska Senate race continues to narrow. The new revelations from the Pebble Tapes offer voters a clearer picture than ever of what the candidates stand for. Dr. Al Gross will stand up for Alaskans while Dan Sullivan will hide quietly in the corner.