Al Gross to Dan Sullivan on latest Pebble Mine Tapes: ‘Enough, when will you finally come clean to Alaskans?’

ANCHORAGE, AK — Dan Sullivan has gone missing on Pebble Mine….again.

A day after new bombshell Pebble Mine tapes were released revealing Ron Thiessen saying they had “…quite a few contacts into the Sullivan operation..,” that it was “better that they’re just quiet,” and that politicians “aren’t held to [their] promises” in an election season, Sullivan is still hiding from Alaskans. In reaction to Sullivan’s ongoing disappearing act, independent U.S. Senate Candidate Dr. Al Gross released the following statement:

“For too long, Dan Sullivan has been hiding his shady dealings from Alaskans and once again he got caught. These latest tapes confirmed once again that Dan Sullivan can’t be trusted and that the only way we can stop Pebble Mine from being built is to elect a new senator. Enough is enough—when will you finally come clean to Alaskans, Dan?”