Business Insider: Independent Al Gross takes on Republican Sen. Dan Sullivan in Alaska

Gross, an Alaska native and son of former Alaska Attorney General Avrum Gross, is an orthopedic surgeon, commercial fisherman, and affordable healthcare advocate. He left his orthopedic surgery practice in 2013 to earn a master’s degree in public health and tackling some of the inequalities in Alaska’s healthcare system. 

He’s campaigning on expanding healthcare access and lowering prescription drug costs, addressing climate change and protecting Alaska’s natural resources, and investing in Alaska’s infrastructure and economy.

While Gross would caucus with the Democrats, he’s created some distance between himself and some of the Democrats’ most liberal policies, including creating a Medicare for All system and the Green New Deal resolution on climate, prominently noting that he’s supportive of gun rights and even once killed a grizzly bear that snuck up on him. 

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