KYUK: Medical Frustration Drives Doctor To Run For US Senate

Dr. Al Gross is running as a one-issue candidate. On the Democratic ballot as an independent for Alaska’s U.S. Senate seat, Gross wants to reform healthcare. He said that he does not want to take away the choices that exist now, but he does want to add a new choice because private healthcare is so expensive, especially in Alaska where costs are some of the highest in the county. 

“It’s really hurting a lot of people to live here in the state”, said Gross, “and keeping businesses from moving here. So I would very much be in favor of letting individuals and small businesses have the choice.  And if they want to buy Medicare directly, they should have that right. It would be so much cheaper, and I think it would really help open up our economy.” 

Gross said that this is Medicare as a “public option,” not the “Medicare for all” being championed by progressive Democrats. Gross claims that is neither a Republican nor a Democrat, though he says he is mostly a Republican when it comes to economic issues, except in the area of healthcare.

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