KMXT: Al Gross stops in Kodiak along the campaign trail

Al Gross stopped in Kodiak Monday along the campaign trail for Dan Sullivan’s senate seat, after participating in the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce’s fisheries debate that Saturday before. Gross stumped below the gazebo on Kodiak’s dock to a standing audience shielded from the rain under a tent.  He made an appeal to Kodiak’s working community, describing his own personal experience in fishing.

“I ended up having to buy my own boat at 14 and stayed in it because I really liked to work hard and catch fish,” said Gross.

Gross also spoke about two features in particular unique to Kodiak; the importance of the ferry system, and Kodiak’s abundance of renewable energy.

“So I’ll be a huge advocate for restoring the ferries back to coastal Alaska, I want to be very proactive on the environment and moving towards clean renewable energy like you have here in Kodiak, I mean, you are the model for renewable energy,” said Gross.

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