Anchorage Daily News: Sullivan and Gross battled it out on fisheries, Pebble Mine and Outside money in debut U.S. Senate debate

Gross, standing outside and wearing a camo jacket, talked of his childhood in Southeast Alaska and growing up as a fisherman. He aggressively went at Sullivan for not denouncing the development of the Pebble Mine in Southwest Alaska earlier in the process.

Repeatedly, Gross used the words of ousted Pebble executive Tom Colliercaught on video saying Sullivan was “hiding in a corner.” Gross used the words in talking about Sullivan’s stance on Pebble, but also other issues, including President Donald Trump’s trade war with China which increased tariffs on Alaskan seafood exports.

“I wouldn’t stand back and be silent in the corner like Dan has been on Pebble mine, that’s for sure,” Gross said. “And sure wouldn’t be silent and in the corner when it comes to the trade war with China.”

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