Press Release: Dan Sullivan Refuses To Condemn Trump on His Failure to Denounce White Supremacy

ANCHORAGE, AK — Hiding Dan Sullivan emerged today, and instead of standing up to white supremacy and basic human decency, he refused to comment when asked about President Trump’s comments. In Washington, Sullivan said “I’m not commenting. I didn’t see the debate.” Another report from CNN’s Ted Barrett claims that when asked about Trump’s failure to condemn white supremacy, Sullivan “stared at the reporter silently for about 8 seconds before a Senate subway door closed, and whisked him away.” In reaction, Independent U.S. Senate candidate Al Gross released the following statement:

It’s appalling but not unexpected that Dan Sullivan is so afraid of the President sending a mean tweet about him that he refused to condemn white supremacy—what a disgrace. Leaders must lead, and what Dan Sullivan is showing us today is that he’d rather sit on a U.S. Senate seat and hide than take an easy stand against hate. Dan Sullivan is a politician who would rather run away scared than someone who can be trusted to do what is right for Alaska. He should be ashamed of himself.