Press Release: “Amy Coney Barrett Will Vote To End The Affordable Care Act And Prevent A Woman’s Right To Choose—And Dan Sullivan Will Go Right Along With It”

Almost 70,000 Alaskan Stand To Lose Healthcare If The Affordable Care Act Is Ended.  

ANCHORAGE, AK — U.S. Senate Candidate Dr. Al Gross releases the following statement following the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court:

“Amy Coney Barrett will vote to end the Affordable Care Act and prevent a woman’s right to choose—and Dan Sullivan will go right along with it. While Dan Sullivan and Amy Coney Barrett work to rip healthcare away from 70,000 Alaskans, put the care of over 325,000 who have pre-existing conditions in jeopardy, and strive to end a woman’s right to choose, I will stand up to make sure women can control their own health decisions and protect healthcare for Alaskans. Amy Coney Barrett should not be confirmed.”