Press Release: Dr. Al Gross Demands Dan Sullivan Return His Tainted Pebble Mine Donations After Lying and Hiding From Alaskans on the Issue

After Shocking Footage of Pebble Mine Executive Saying of Sullivan: “He’s Off In a Corner Being Quiet….Leave Him Alone and Let Him Be Quiet…Try and Ride Out the Election and Remain Quiet”, Dr. Al Gross Demands Sullivan Answers to Alaskans and Return the Thousands of Dollars of Pebble Executive Donations.

ANCHORAGE, AK—After the shocking news of Pebble Mine Chief Executive Officer Tom Collier’s resignation following the leaked tapes where it is revealed that Dan Sullivan is in his pocket and plans to dodge Alaskans for the rest of the election, Dr. Al Gross released the following statement:

“Tom Collier said that Dan Sullivan is hoping to “ride out the election” and remain silent on Pebble because he is on the ballot in November after explosive reporting regarding the controversial mine.

‘He’s off in a corner being quiet,’ Collier said. ‘So I think that’s our plan to work with him is: leave him alone and let him be quiet.’ That’s who Dan Sullivan is. He hides in the corner to avoid showing people what he really stands for. Well, this election, he won’t be able to do that any longer. Dan– return the donations given to you by Pebble mine executives– on behalf of all Alaskans.”