Press Release: Hypocrisy Alert: Sullivan Campaign Trying to Have it Both Ways On Healthcare

Well…this is embarrassing….

Shot: Dan Sullivan’s campaign manager to the Huffington Post: Sullivan “ran on improving the Affordable Care Act and I think he stood by his word.”

Chaser: Sullivan’s maiden speech slammed the Affordable Care Act, in 2015, he voted to repeal it and once again in 2017 voted to rip healthcare from Alaskans by voting to repeal the ACA – a vote that would have stripped healthcare from 68,000 Alaskans while also ending protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

Statement from Dr. Al Gross Spokeswoman Julia Savel:

“No matter how hard Dan Sullivan tries, voters in Alaska know he’s voted time and again to strip healthcare away from 68,000 Alaskans while also ending protections for hundreds of thousands with pre-existing conditions. The choice in this election is clear, Dan Sullivan has voted to gut healthcare for Alaskans while Dr. Al Gross is committed to ensuring everyone in Alaska has quality, affordable healthcare.”