Press Release: Trump Tells World He Played Down COVID… Where is Dan Sullivan?

ANCHORAGE, AK—After it was revealed yesterday that President Trump downplayed the dangers and impact COVID-19, Dan Sullivan is still nowhere to be found. Earlier this morning, Julia Savel, a spokeswoman for Independent U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Al Gross released the following statement:

Silent Sullivan has proven once again that he’s tied to the administration’s hip. Over the past few days, Dan has refused to say a single word about Trump’s clear downplaying of the coronavirus. The bottom line is: People across the nation continue to die from COVID-19, and instead of speaking up, Spineless, Silent Sullivan is simply living in fear of a mean tweet from the man in the Oval Office.

Alaska’s unemployment continues to skyrocket while Sullivan works in D.C. to gut social security, protect drug companies and rip back health care protections for Alaskans with preexisting conditions—all at Trump’s behest. And now this. The people of Alaska deserve better.