Press Release: Another Day Goes By And Dan Sullivan Is Still Silent On Trump Downplaying COVID

ANCHORAGE, AK— Another day has come and gone and Dan Sullivan is still hiding after the world learned from the president himself that he downplayed the threat of COVID. Julia Savel, a spokeswoman for independent U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Al Gross, released the following statement on his continued silence:

It’s sad, but not unexpected that Dan Sullivan is still hiding after the world learned Trump intentionally played down the deadly COVID-19 virus. Clearly, Dan Sullivan would rather hide from reality than face the fact that this administration has completely botched the COVID response with disastrous results for Alaskans and the country.  

Here in the real world—as Alaska’s unemployment continues to rise—Alaskans know this was avoidable if we had competent, real, and independent leadership in Washington. Dan Sullivan can avoid tough questions all he wants, but the truth is his silence says all we need to know about him: he is not the independent voice Alaska needs.