Press Release: Dr. Al Gross Releases Statement Calling on U.S. Senate to Resume Session to Address Crisis Over Postal Service Funding

ANCHORAGE, AK—Earlier today, independent U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Al Gross released the following statement calling on the Senate to come back into session to address the crisis over Postal Service funding:

Yesterday, Speaker Pelosi called the lower chamber back into session to address the ongoing crisis over funding of the U.S. Postal Service. It’s time for Leader McConnell to follow suit.

Alaskans from all around the state depend on the Postal Service for things like prescription medication, food, supplies, and absentee ballots. It is imperative that these services continue, to protect not only the health of our democracy, but the health of its citizens.

The Senate must be called back into session to work with their colleagues in the House to ensure the Postal Service’s operations can continue uninhibited. There is simply too much at stake to sit idly by until September.