Press Release: Dr. Al Gross Announces Plan to End Domestic Violence, Stand Up for Alaskan Women

For women, Alaska is the deadliest state in the country. For all of us, something has to change.

ANCHORAGE, AK — Earlier today, Dr. Al Gross released a comprehensive plan to end domestic violence and sexual assault (DVSA) in the United States. As an independent candidate running for U.S. Senate, and as a lifelong Alaskan with a background in public health and medicine, Dr. Gross understands that survivors don’t need lip service, they need solutions.

In his newly-released plan, Dr. Gross identifies three key areas to improve our national response to sexual assault and domestic violence—all with the ultimate goal of ending the public health and safety crisis that’s seen Alaska become the deadliest state in the country for women:

  1. Improve criminal justice outcomes by providing robust funding and support to prosecutors and advocates for survivors of DVSA.
  2. Reduce recidivism by closing the “boyfriend loophole” to stop firearms from falling to the hands of domestic abusers, as well as by funding evidence-based GPS supervision to keep survivors safe.
  3. Protect survivors by committing to the resources they need to thrive, including access to affordable housing, child care, and legal representation.

Women in Alaska, particularly women in indigenous and rural communities, face the unacceptable reality of overcoming domestic violence and sexual assault alone,” said Dr. Gross. “Survivors cannot wait for politicians to do something, and for too long, DC politicians have been just talking about this crisis. Survivors need action—real, robust support—and they need it right now.

My plan provides a new strategy that will change the way Alaska, and the entire country, confronts domestic violence and sexual assault. After listening to the stories of survivors from across our state, and after reckoning with the inadequate and underfunded response from our government, I know it’s well past the time we tackle domestic violence and assault.

Even if I can’t yet propose bills on the floor of the U.S. Senate, I can still stand up and do what’s right. As a candidate dedicated to representing Alaska first in our nation’s capital, I can and will stand for survivors right now. As a lifelong Alaskan and doctor, I can still ask the age-old question: If not us, who, and if not now, when?”

Those in the state are already coming out in support of Dr. Gross’ new plan. Diane Schenker, a retired corrections professional from Anchorage praised the new proposal saying, “As a lifelong Alaskan, retired after decades of work in our criminal justice system, including corrections and public safety, I appreciate the realistic approach of Dr. Gross’s plan. It’s smart to leverage federal grants and proven technology like electronic monitoring to better protect victims, and I’m glad someone finally recognizes that we need tougher sentences for repeat offenders to end this crisis.
To read the plan to prevent domestic violence and sexual assault in its entirety, you can download the full PDF text here.