Press Release: Russian Scheme requires scrutiny: U.S. Senate Candidate Dr. Al Gross calls on Sen. Dan Sullivan to exercise oversight

ANCHORAGE, AK — Earlier today, independent U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Al Gross released the following statement calling on Sen. Dan Sullivan to exercise his oversight authority to demand answers regarding the developing news about alleged Russian-funded attacks on American troops in Afghanistan by the Taliban:

Sen. Dan Sullivan has been an eager apologist for President Trump’s bizarre and cozy relationship with Russia under Vladimir Putin. Sen. Sullivan even went so far as to say that, “when it comes to Russia and Vladimir Putin, actions speak louder than words,” in praising the President’s soft touch toward our adversary.

Indeed, actions do speak louder than words and we are faced with an allegation that Russia paid bounties to the Taliban to kill American troops. The New York Times reports that this wicked scheme was tragically successful in its evil design.

This allegation cries for answers and for justice. It is the duty of the Congress to unearth and reveal the truth of this—what the administration knew and when, and what they’re doing in response. Sen. Sullivan has done everything he can to avoid holding the Trump administration to account for its supplicant loyalty to the Putin regime, at the expense of American interests. But what has been reported is so detrimental to our honor and our security that even Sen. Sullivan must be moved to action.

I call on Sen. Sullivan to use his oversight authority as a member of the Armed Services Committee to demand answers from this administration about the alleged bounties against American troops. He must stop his blind, knee-jerk obedience to his party and this president and ensure that our service members are not endangered by whatever strange power Vladimir Putin holds over Donald Trump.